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Maphunziro Foundation (Maf)

Malawi Balaka



MAF is a not for profit, it is a non governmental organisation established and registered under the Trustees Incorporation Act of the laws of Malawi in 1996.It was established to be the support systems for the vulnerable groups and further enhance the already advocated for poverty eradication and facilitate the empowerment of these vulnerable groups as a means to attain greater and tangible development.

The foundation is governed by a board of directors comprised of persons of varied backgrounds inter alia;lawyers,accountants,social workers and other related fields.They are meant to review and make policies for the running of the organisation meant to steer the activities of the foundation to greater performance.Wherever possible(resources permitting) this board is the highest policy making body of the organisation.
MAF has its operating offices within Mlambe Motel premises in Balaka within Balaka town.

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The objectives of the foundation are:

*To sensitise the youth,women,community leaders and the community at large about the dangers of

*To promote greater understanding about of gender and equity.

*To speak out on topical issues on behalf of the voiceless and advocate for positive change in respect to issues human rights,gender and HIV/AIDS.

*To provide counselling and training on issues of decolonising the mind from stereo-types on issues of gender,HIV/AIDS and human rights especially those that affect them.

*To provide life skills training for the youth especially the orphan and the under privileged child for economic empowerment.

*To provide space to monitor growth,extensive feeding and child day care services for the orphans and other needy children.



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Development : Stephen Mfumu. R. Sembereka